OME Plays A Marathon of New Music That’s Not Your Grandma’s Symphony (Phoenix New Times)

Here’s my  latest piece for Phoenix New Times: A profile on OME, the new music organization that’s putting on their 4th annual 10 hour long music marathon at Mesa Arts Center TODAY.

Phoenix New Times: OME Plays A Marathon of New Music That’s Not Your Grandma’s Symphony

“You Weren’t There”

Last week an excellent art exhibit opened at Modified Arts in downtown Phoenix. It’s called “You Weren’t There: Early Punk & New Wave in Phoenix”, and if you’re a fan of underground music/culture and happen to be in the PHX it is an absolute MUST SEE.

I did a review for it on PHX SUX. Click on ze link and enjoy!

PHX SUX: ‘You Weren’t There’ Captures PHX Punk History With No Context

“Leaving Phoenix”, starring Stan Murdock & Oliver Patterson


This is my piece, ” ‘Leaving Phoenix’, starring Stan Murdock & Oliver Patterson”, that hung in De’Lunula’s “Phx Sux” show at the Trunk Space. It’s both a homage to good ol’ Stan & Ollie, as well as a tribute to Ian Murdock and Kevin Patterson, two friends who recently moved from Phoenix to Seattle and Charlotte. They’re both amazing men and fantastic writers & performers: Phoenix is a poorer place with them gone. Hopefully Seattle and Charlotte will realize how lucky they are to have them.


Phx Sux

Are you in Phoenix and looking to scope out some fresh new art? Come on down and check out the Trunk Space’s “Phx Sux” art show (put together by Troy Farah from De’Lunula). You should come down and check it out because it’s going to be an awesome show AND because it’s the very last art show put on by the Trunk Space. TS, that bastion of all-ages shows, staple of D.I.Y. culture in Phoenix, is closing in May (hopefully to reopen elsewhere in the future).

If you come to the opening tonight, you can also peep the fourth installment of “De’Lunula Screeners”, their warped and wild short film series (this one hosted by Phoenix punk supreme/solid bloke Andy Warpigs).

Also: I’ve got a piece on view at “Phx Sux”. 🙂

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