“All Choked Up for Christmas”


A few years ago I was invited to do my first Arizona Storytellers Project event . It took place at the FilmBar, it was hosted by Megan Finnerty and featured stories about the holidays. It was a pretty great night full of outstanding stories (Neil Gearns, Mack Duncan and Michelle Cannon all told some fascinating and funny stories that night).

I was nervous as hell, but thanks to a couple of drinks I was able to go up in front of a bunch of strangers and tell a story about that one time where I got choked out by my Dad for Christmas. Don’t worry: it’s a funny story, not a “oh god, all hope is lost!” narrative.

Arizona Storytellers Project: “All Choked Up for Christmas”

“Sonoran Curtain Call”


This is a drawing I made to promote my appearance at the Arizona Storytellers Project’s 4th anniversary show at Crescent Ballroom back in July. The picture was meant to be a tease about the nature of my story (which mostly involved my taking shrooms a few years ago at the Horas de Junio literary convention in Hermosillo and almost making a giant fool of myself in public). The show in July went very well (although I heard afterwards that some patrons were offended by my err, salty language and adult content). You’d think that telling a story about drug trips and cunnilingus hallucinations in a rock and roll venue after dark would be a safe bet, but as it turns out, nope.

No hard feelings, though. 🙂 The people who produce the AZ Storytellers Project are fine folks who are really easy to work with and always put on an excellent show. If you live in Phoenix and love storytelling, get your bad self to one of their shows ASAP.

Yours truly story-telling in July.
Yours truly story-telling in July.