ROCK BLOTTER: Soft Shoulder

For this edition of PHX SUX’s local music column, I listened to Soft Shoulder’s latest LP. Here’s my thoughts on their Songs and Intermissions LP (along with some tangents on music books and Silver Apples).

PHX SUX: Soft Shoulder, Silver Apples, and The Sweet Sound of Entropy




“You Remind Me Of The Babe”: On Bowie & The Labyrinth Soundtrack

Here’s a piece about the soundtrack to “Labyrinth” (which recently got reissued on vinyl) for PHX SUX. It’s kind of a sequel/companion piece to the article I wrote about Bowie’s tenure in Tin Machine that ran in Phoenix New Times earlier this year.

PHX SUX: “My Baby’s Fun Had Gone”: How The Labyrinth Soundtrack Saved David Bowie From A Decade Of Sucking