The Blue Pill (JACK KIRBY HAIKU #12)

Growing Man had to

see the doctor cause he had

some trouble “growing”.


H.P. Lovecraft Birthday Haiku (2017)

Lovecraft birthday haiku written for this year’s Lovecraft Birthday Show (which happened last Friday the 19th, a day before Howard’s actual B-Day):

#1. At Mi-Go birthday

Parties, their favorite game

Is bobbing for brains.


#2. It’s easy to play

non-Euclidian charades

with eight tentacles.


#3. Puppies are a great

birthday present. Hounds of

Tindalos? Not so much.



Wait- Sorry! Wrong author. Get

out of here, you clown!


#5. “Oblivion” the

Movie & state of being:

Both shit birthday gifts.


#6. Jeremih won’t sing

“Birthday Sex” in Innsmouth… Not

after that one night.


#7. All we really want

is nothing. For everyone.

For eternity.