H.P. Lovecraft Birthday Haiku (2017)

Lovecraft birthday haiku written for this year’s Lovecraft Birthday Show (which happened last Friday the 19th, a day before Howard’s actual B-Day):

#1. At Mi-Go birthday

Parties, their favorite game

Is bobbing for brains.


#2. It’s easy to play

non-Euclidian charades

with eight tentacles.


#3. Puppies are a great

birthday present. Hounds of

Tindalos? Not so much.



Wait- Sorry! Wrong author. Get

out of here, you clown!


#5. “Oblivion” the

Movie & state of being:

Both shit birthday gifts.


#6. Jeremih won’t sing

“Birthday Sex” in Innsmouth… Not

after that one night.


#7. All we really want

is nothing. For everyone.

For eternity.