New Zine Distro in Tempe

Word to the wise for Arizona dwellers who love zines: there’s a new zine shop/distro in town! Wasted Ink Zine Distro (located at 2121  W. University Dr, Ste 110    Tempe, AZ 85281) opened last weekend. I went there on Sunday and was blown away by it: it’s a small space, and they’re only open a few days a week, but there’s nothing else like it in the Phoenix/Scottsdale/Mesa/Tempe sprawl.

Imagine it: a dedicated space to zines! And the variety they have is dizzying! Feminist zines, weird art comics about D&D Mimics, erotic horror, bad goth poetry, photography collections…. it’s a wide range of reading material. They also have a zine library with a lot of really interesting older titles in stock.

And shameless plug time: they’re now carrying my zine “Elephant Head“.  So when you get a chance, grab some bucks, head down to WIZD and support local indie publishing. Take some worthy zines home with you… and if one of mine ends up in your take-home pile, all the better. 🙂

Dropping a New Zine Thursday!

This Thursday I’ll be performing once again at Lawn Gnome Publishing’s PEP Rally variety show. This week the topic is a subject near and dear to my heart: the occult! I’m excited to be trying out a new bit…. and I’m also excited because I’ll be selling a new occult-y zine, “Elephant Head”, at the show! The first print run is only 23 copies, and each individual copy comes with its own special insert. I’ll be selling them for $5 (and if you happen to be at the show and want one but are short on cash- we can work out some kind of trade).

I started working on “Elephant Head” back towards the end of August, and then put it on the shelf. Over the last couple of weeks, inspiration struck again and I dusted it off and added some finishing textual touches and it is good to go!

A sneak peak at what ze zine looked like a few months ago: