Downtown Devil on “Ear”

Here’s a piece that the fine folks at Downtown Devil wrote about “Ear”.

Couple of notes: it lists me as the director, which is inaccurate (Dennis Frederick is sitting in the big chair for this one). Also, there are some spoilers.

If you’re a local who’s looking to catch the show over the next weeks, skip reading the two paragraphs that follow this sentence: “Writer and director Ashley Naftule began writing this play about a year and a half ago for that very reason.” Dodge the following two paragraphs and you should be golden.

Downtown Devil: Curtain Critic: Catch Ear, Space 55’s last play at Pierce location

Space 55 on KJZZ

Haven’t posted in a bit, because I’ve been tied up with the opening and production of my very first full-length stage play! “Ear” opened last week at Space 55, and it’s been going very well so far. The theatre’s gotten a fair amount of press recently, which I’ll share over the next few days.

The best writing on us, by far, was done by KJZZ’s Stina Sieg. You may have heard her broadcast yesterday on NPR, AZ locals.

KJZZ: Future Uncertain For Space 55, A Home To Off-Beat Theater In Phoenix



What theatre and orgies have in common

“A lacklustre orgy suffers from all of the same problems as boring theatre. People go through the motions, they do what’s expected, they make the sounds they’re supposed to make, but it’s really not as surprising or exhilarating as you hope or imagine it will be. I mean, there are so many people in the room! How can we not be making something great happen here? Obviously sex is not the problem, just like theatre is not the problem. We’ve got all the ingredients to make something really dynamite, but we’re just not getting it right. Most of us are left on the sidelines watching, trying to get off, getting bored, giving up and going home ungratified… Like a bad sex partner, boring theatre doesn’t feel present. The actors do not feel truly in the same room as you. You are not affecting the action and the action is not affecting you. The actors might as well be onscreen, and you might as well be watching porn.”

Jordan Tannahill, “Theatre Of The Unimpressed”