Downtown Devil on “Ear”

Here’s a piece that the fine folks at Downtown Devil wrote about “Ear”.

Couple of notes: it lists me as the director, which is inaccurate (Dennis Frederick is sitting in the big chair for this one). Also, there are some spoilers.

If you’re a local who’s looking to catch the show over the next weeks, skip reading the two paragraphs that follow this sentence: “Writer and director Ashley Naftule began writing this play about a year and a half ago for that very reason.” Dodge the following two paragraphs and you should be golden.

Downtown Devil: Curtain Critic: Catch Ear, Space 55’s last play at Pierce location

Space 55 on KJZZ

Haven’t posted in a bit, because I’ve been tied up with the opening and production of my very first full-length stage play! “Ear” opened last week at Space 55, and it’s been going very well so far. The theatre’s gotten a fair amount of press recently, which I’ll share over the next few days.

The best writing on us, by far, was done by KJZZ’s Stina Sieg. You may have heard her broadcast yesterday on NPR, AZ locals.

KJZZ: Future Uncertain For Space 55, A Home To Off-Beat Theater In Phoenix



Phoenix Tonight Interview

Last month I got to be a guest on Phoenix Tonight (Phoenix’s only late night talk show) for their special “bonus” episode. Normally, Phoenix Tonight happens once a month, every second Saturday at Space 55. For March they did an extra episode inside the Drawn to Comics shop in Glendale (which, if you’re a comics nerd and live in the AZ, you should check out- the place is huuuge). Here’s the video of the clip (shot by Glen AZ), featuring  a cameo by special guest star My Goofy-Ass Hair.


 Ashley Naftule: Actor, Improviser and Theater Performance Organizer

Recently I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Nicki Escudero (who has an excellent blog on all things local: Nicki a la Noche) for a profile piece on We talked about the local arts scene, my background as a performer and the five things I loved most about living in the Valley of the Sun.

Check it out here:

Ashley Naftule