Aliens With Gass, The Vatican, & Moi

Over the weekend I got to be a guest on the Aliens With Gass radio show (which I’ve written about in the past for Phoenix New Times). Hosts Kevin Gassman and Heidi Gadd had me on to talk about the Vatican Observatory in Safford. We also digressed on other topics: the effects of aliens on religion, the potential non-existence of intelligent life throughout the rest of the universe, and other heady stuff.

Aliens With Gass Episode #36- May 8th

L.U.C.I.F.E.R. Telescope & The Vatican Observatory in Arizona

Thank You For Being A Podcast

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of being a guest on “Thank You For Being A Podcast”, a Golden Girls podcast run by two of Phoenix’s funniest and most gracious comedians: Genevieve Rice and Anthony Desamito. The show basically involves us watching an entire episode of “The Golden Girls” before doing the podcast- the ‘cast itself is us riffing and reacting to the episode.

I hadn’t watched GG since I was a kid, and was actually kind of stunned by how funny and well-written it was. We watched the one that has a UFO(!) in it.

Click ze link and enjoy!

Thank You For Being A Podcast: Ep 079 The One That Got Away

Wednesday Morning Surf Report (PODCAST)


Go on and catch the sweet wave, brah: listen to the podcast here.

Last Monday I had the pleasure of going to Gangplank in downtown Chandler to be one of the guests for the “Wednesday Morning Surf Report” podcast. The podcast is hosted by two gents, Rick Larsen and Jeff Cardello (who are both heavily involved in Phoenix improv and have wits sharper than a Hattori Hanzo sword), and each episode one of the guests draws a random question that becomes the subject of the ‘cast. For this episode, I was guesting with comic writer/poet/karaoke fiend Russ Kazmierczak Jr. Russ drew the question: “What’s the deal with books?” What followed was a long conversation about books, music snobbery, comic books, “Infinite Jest” and the sheer absurdity of the He-Man universe.

A Master Class in Hatin’

A few weeks ago at Lawn Gnome Publishing’s “PEP Rally: Jealousy” show (hosted by Wonder Twins Matt Storrs & Hattie Jean Hayes), I did a piece as my alter-ego Dr. Alfred Avid. Avid is a Professor of Haterology, and explained to the audience how one can become a hater (and the best way to maximize one’s total hatefulness). Avid also spent a good amount of time talking shit about Wheelchair Jimmy- I mean, Drake.

Listen and learn a thing or two-

PEP Rally: Jealousy Podcast