That Time I Sacrificed My Girlfriend’s Cat To Satan

For this piece, the latest in a series of fake concert reviews for The Hard Times’ Hard Style section, I write about how going to a Slayer show can bring a couple closer together.

The Hard Times: Watching Slayer Live Gave Me the Courage to Tell My Girlfriend I Sacrificed Her Heart to Satan


Downtown Devil on “Ear”

Here’s a piece that the fine folks at Downtown Devil wrote about “Ear”.

Couple of notes: it lists me as the director, which is inaccurate (Dennis Frederick is sitting in the big chair for this one). Also, there are some spoilers.

If you’re a local who’s looking to catch the show over the next weeks, skip reading the two paragraphs that follow this sentence: “Writer and director Ashley Naftule began writing this play about a year and a half ago for that very reason.” Dodge the following two paragraphs and you should be golden.

Downtown Devil: Curtain Critic: Catch Ear, Space 55’s last play at Pierce location