Summertime/And The Livin’ Is Abysmal

Coming up this month at Space55: we’re putting on a two week long short play showcase! We’re spotlighting 7 ten-minute long short plays by local playwrights. One of the pieces, The Lord’s Mercy, is by yours truly.

Beat the agonizing heat, AZ locals, by coming out to 18th ave and McDowell from July 20th-July 29th to see these short plays:

  • How to Quit Writing (for the Theatre) by Joe Bardin
  • Upstream by Monica Bauer
  • The Cellist by Ilana Lydia
  • Birthday Boy by Devon Mahon
  • The Lord’s Mercy by Ashley Naftule
  • Wandering, Whistling by Alex Tuchi
  • It’s Just a Movie by Forrest Vincent

Presale tickets are available here.