“You Weren’t There”

Last week an excellent art exhibit opened at Modified Arts in downtown Phoenix. It’s called “You Weren’t There: Early Punk & New Wave in Phoenix”, and if you’re a fan of underground music/culture and happen to be in the PHX it is an absolute MUST SEE.

I did a review for it on PHX SUX. Click on ze link and enjoy!

PHX SUX: ‘You Weren’t There’ Captures PHX Punk History With No Context


A few years back, Welcome Diner in downtown Phoenix started doing an annual 48 hour film challenge. I’ve done two of the past ones (you can see those films here and over here): This year I got together with a new crew- We called ourselves “Tyler Perry Studios 2”. The themes for the fourth annual “Dinerwood” film challenge” were all video game related (other restrictions: All films had to be 3 minutes long, feature a watermelon as a prop, and contain the line “Your princess is in another castle”). We pulled “Grand Theft Auto” as our prompt and shot this short the next day…. and it won BEST PICTURE! WOOOOO! MONEY IN THE BANK!


Check it out: This is the 3 minute version we submitted to Welcome Diner. Director Troy Farah will be releasing a longer Director’s Cut in the future; We had lots of good stuff we had to leave on the cutting room floor to meet the diner’s 3 minute rule.



Tyler Perry Studios 2 are:

Troy Farah (Director/Editor/Street Walker)

Michael Margetis (Trevor)

Ashley Naftule (Tommy/Executive Producer)

Youceff Kabal (Sound/Nurse)

Jeff Cantos (Sound/Special Effects)

Eli Kluger (Disgusted Diner)


Special thanks to Two Hippies Magic Mushroom Burger for being nice enough to let us shoot in their fine establishment for 3 hours straight while shouting about beating prostitutes and waving realistic looking fake guns around. Also- if you’re in the Phx area and want to get a really tasty burger combo meal for under $6, check ’em out: Their grub is Grade-A delectable.