Jonah’s Belly

Pieter_Lastman_-_Jonah_and_the_Whale_-_Google_Art_Project.jpgJonah’s Belly

In the belly of a whale
I count my riches
filling my pockets with gold coins
and ambergris
Surrounded by the bones of pirates,
whalers, hermits, and tourists
who went looking for the ultimate extreme vacation experience

How I got in here
I can’t remember
Sometimes I wonder
if I’ve always been here
and my memories of a life
wasted in boredom and regret
on dry land
was just a salt water fever dream

The whale’s body shakes with music
Her songs reverberate in my bones
my teeth chatter a counter-melody
I can feel my heart spinning like a compass
pointing the way out
between the whale’s teeth

Somewhere in the blue
is a way home
If I still have one
If I ever had one

But the bones know me
and the songs soothe me
and if I stick my nose into the ambergris
I can smell you
so sweet and remote
A ghost made not of ectoplasm
but of honey
And for a moment
I can remember why I’ve been hiding here
in the first place

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