The 16 Best Places To Hide An Easter Egg In Arizona

The 16 Best Places To Hide An Easter Egg In Arizona

Under the shoe of a passed-out vagrant.

Tucked beneath a bus bench, on the corner of 7th St. & Van Buren.

Hidden under the armpit of a naked magician.

Sealed inside the chest of a childhood friend whose face you can paint in minute detail and whose name you can’t remember.

Stuck inside the mouth of a fortune teller who’s selling drugs under her seance table.

Tangled in the roots of a blackberry bush that sprouts near the basketball court of a Franciscan church.

Concealed in the folds of fat of a sumo wrestler visiting the hot springs in Tonopah.

Camouflaged in the hair of a cosplayer throwing up six vodka Red Bulls outside an anime convention.

Covered up by a drag queen’s feather boa as he bends over to kiss the virgin’s feet.

Forgotten on the shelves of a zine writer, who’s frantically trying to pull a staple out of her pointer finger.

Buried in the grave of a policeman’s first kill.

Nested under the wings of a hawk perched atop the Hotel San Carlos.

Lost in the havelina tunnels that snake through Scottsdale.

Inserted in the eye socket of an ex-Somali pirate, working the night shift at Circle K.

Sewn inside the pockets of your grandfather’s dress blues.

Taped under the high-top bar table where your love walked away.


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