Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet

These carnal dilemmas
have got me stricken
lovelust and bloodsick

The copper on my batteries is corroding
& the plastic that sheathes my indecency
is melting

Soon I’ll be a million pieces of regeneration
nude kings and queens
drunk on their blowtorch authority
looking for a way out

In the cages
I’ll write a guide book
to my skin
in invisible ink

Spending my days
drawing blueprints of coffins
for my masters

And in the lonely sunless hours
I’ll read my book
by the black light of the heat
that emanates from your memory

I’m looking for an unmarked exit
so I can plot my escape
and make my way back
to the sweet cold floor
of your gilded cage

Where I can be a million kings and queens
all desperate to plant their flag somewhere else
and start again

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