Thank You For Being A Podcast

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of being a guest on “Thank You For Being A Podcast”, a Golden Girls podcast run by two of Phoenix’s funniest and most gracious comedians: Genevieve Rice and Anthony Desamito. The show basically involves us watching an entire episode of “The Golden Girls” before doing the podcast- the ‘cast itself is us riffing and reacting to the episode.

I hadn’t watched GG since I was a kid, and was actually kind of stunned by how funny and well-written it was. We watched the one that has a UFO(!) in it.

Click ze link and enjoy!

Thank You For Being A Podcast: Ep 079 The One That Got Away

The Aerialist

The Aerialist

He was a trapeze artist
who never
got off the ground-

His words did
all the acrobatics.

He just sat next to us
in the cheap seats,
watching his syllables vault
through gravity’s fingers.

He looked on,
with his hands over his face,
peering through cracks
of glove leather.

We ate popcorn and cheered them on,
while he prayed
that they would never come back down.