A prayer, as sung by Johnny Thunders

A prayer, as sung by Johnny Thunders

I’ve been holding
onto faith
for so long
that my hands are starting
to ache.

It chafes my palms
like rope burns.
It blisters my fingers
like guitar strings
on virgin hands.

Holding onto faith
with cracked knuckles
and sore wrists…
My fingers can’t remember
the last time they were stretched out
for anything other than supplication.

I hope that your hand
will come down
and relieve me of this burden.
I hope that my fingers can
wrap themselves around yours,
as they did so long ago.
Back then I had no need of faith,
when your skin bestowed its grace
upon mine.

Johnny Thunders once sang
that you can’t put your arms
around a memory.
If that’s true,
then what am I holding onto?

Who knew it would take
so much work
to hold onto nothing?

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