Major Arcana

Major Arcana

Poetry is for fools
who dare to walk their dogs along the edge of a cliff

poetry hides in the hat
and sleeves of magicians

poetry rests between the legs of a high priestess

and poetry is the pillow
that servants & maids
press down on the faces of sleeping
emperors & empresses

poetry is the god
that the hierophant sings hymns to
when no one is in earshot

poetry tells the lovers what their next line is
when they draw a blank

poetry spins on the wheels of chariots riding into battle

poetry is the only justice in this world

poetry lingers in the shadow puppets of hermits

and poetry moves the muscles that set the Wheel of Fortune turning

poetry has the strength of a strangler’s hands
wrapping around their first throat

and poetry is the shit that runs down a hanged man’s leg.

Poetry sewed the robe
Death wears to keep from shambling around naked

and poetry has an affair with Temperance
after deranging one too many of its senses

poetry is the Devil’s native tongue

and poetry drafted the blueprints used to build the Tower
of Babel before it became the lightning bolt that knocked it down

poetry shines brighter than the North Star
and makes for a more reliable compass

poetry is the moon that makes the tides of madness flow
and the waters of reason ebb

and poetry is the sun that blinds men
and feeds hungry cancer cells

and poetry is the judgement
that awaits God after the New Jerusalem burns down

Poetry is the world

and poetry is for fools
who dare to step off the edge of it.