Chris Marker 1921-2012

Here’s an older piece from 2012, a poetic ode I wrote about one of my favorite film-makers (the genius behind “A Grin Without A Cat”, “Sans Soleil”, “La Jete” and many other wonderful essay films) after he passed away. It got published in “Sandcutters”, the Arizona State Poetry Society’s 2012 Contest Winners’ Anthology.

Chris Marker 1921-2012

All artists are cats of the same stripe…
or to be more precise,
they are Cheshire Cats.
All their work that floods over us-
painting prose performances photographs
cities cinema sculptures songs
-spread themselves across the earth,
as wide as, as inviting as, as menacing as
a grin.
And when the makers die,
their bodies fade into the sunless lands
that lie beyond rabbit holes and Looking-Glasses.
All that is left of themselves in this world is
their grin,
a splash of paint a flash of light a line of ink
showing their teeth,
forever hungry.

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