Hurricane Welcoming Committee


Hurricane Welcoming Committee

They found me clinging
to a maraschino cherry,
floating half-dead
in a rising tide of grenadine.
Hit by seven hurricanes
in a row,
in one night,
in the middle of downtown Phoenix.

As they airlifted me back to dry land,
they asked for my name
and I couldn’t remember.
The hurricanes had swept
the memory of it away.
I told them my name had drifted off in the grenadine,
tangled up in the bloated corpses
of my sorrows.

I knew there was nothing clever
in that cliche-
“drowning sorrows”;
but I fear that my wit was still
soaked to the bone with rum:
the poor dog had yet to shake us both dry.

I wrote this poem for “Welcome Home”, a chapbook Four Chambers Press released in collaboration with Welcome Hospitality (the folks behind the delish dining establishments Welcome Diner & Welcome Chicken + Donuts in downtown Phoenix). “Welcome Home” is a collection of writings inspired by these two tasty establishments, and last Saturday Four Chambers held a release party at the Diner. I had the privilege of reading my piece along with many other talented local authors. It’s an excellent collection of work: even if you’re not a Phoenician and will probably never eat at either Welcome location, there’s a lot of marvelous writing to be appreciated in this handsome volume of prose and poetry. And frankly Four Chambers’ quality control is on-point: they have yet to release a bad book. It’s a limited print run, so get ’em while you can!

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