“Goodbye Cinema Jazz Track” by Michael C. Ford

“Goodbye Cinema Jazz Track”

Now the trip is really too tough to take

anymore. No more Leith Stevens, no more

lunar destinations, no more Black Rebels

Motorcycle Club, no more Shelly Manne

drum-brushes whap againstThe Glass Wall,
no more Private Hells in noir trailer parks

Blowing choruses for soundtrack harmonics
happening, now, on too infrequent stages,
as we see too many like Shelly and Shorty
and Coop, Richie Kamuca and Rugolo walk
out of the room of the world: all of those
whose muse of music was always welcome
coming in the door

This is only in our minds, when a tenor
saxophone flares exactly the same way
jazz adaptations by Shorty Rogers resemble
Bill Mohr’s Momentum anthology page: they,
once, reminded us that a moss rose blooms
{as in movie music: microscopic strings in arco
movement} and what’s left of our collective
imagination remains in gutters of
“the streets inside”

-From the chapbook “Atonal Riff-Tunes To A Tone Deaf Borderguard” by Michael C. Ford

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