The Exquisite Corpses of “Rocky Horror”

Back in May (on the same weekend as Phoenix Comicon), The Firehouse Gallery put on a production of “Rocky Horror” (a stage version of the film, not the play itself). Yours truly stepped into the paralyzed shoes of Dr. Everett Scott. Both nights sold out and the show went very well (I’ll post photos from the show at a later date). Here’s a series of Exquisite Corpse style pictures I drew of the cast to help hype up the show a bit (and because it felt like a good idea at the time).

rocky horror chalk drawing 1
Top to bottom: Marcella Grassa (Magenta), Andy Warpigs (Frank) and yours truly (Dr. Scott).
Rocky Horror chalk art 2
Dagger (Riff Raff), Sheri Amour (Janet) and Joobs (Rocky).
Rocky Horror chalk art 3
Serene Dominic (Eddie), Chris Gillepsie (Brad) and Lauren Bishop (Columbia).

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