Ganesh Chaturthi 2015

Ganesh Chaturthi 2015
One of two pieces that hung at the Firehouse gallery for a Magick-themed art show this year.


I wish I had an extra pair of arms
to hold you with
and brush your fears away.

I wish that a regal trunk would hang from
my face, instead of this belly
straining between us.

I wish that I had a broken tusk
that I could use to file down the
sharp edges of our dreams.

I wish that I could bleed out
the poison in my heart, flowing as red
as the bowl of candies balanced on my knee.

I wish that I could write you
something better than bad poetry,
something worthy of your divinity.

I wish that I could remove all
the obstacles in our lives
I wish that I would never
be an obstacle in yours.

I wish that our memories
could be as strong as elephants,
and that we never forget
just how holy we can be together

I wish
I wish
I wish
I had more than this
to put on your altar.

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