The Consolations of Conspiracy

The Consolations of Conspiracy

It must be reassuring
to think that someone
is steering the ship
into the iceberg,
and that your drowning
in the lower levels
is part of some grand design                                                                                           and not just piss-poor luck

2 thoughts on “The Consolations of Conspiracy

  1. (isn’t it MORE comfortable, to prefer the idea that bad things only happen randomly for the most part, because at least that way our pride doesn’t have to suffer at the idea of being deceived on a societal level, nor do we have to learn to emotionally or psychologically cope that indeed that are people i n the world who have given themselves wholly to Evil? Better to stick with the bliss of Coincidence Theory. More reassuring indeed to insist that everything is merely the random collisions of mindless icebergs…)

    1. I agree with this perspective. 🙂 But I do see the appeal of the conspiratorial viewpoint: instead of being the whipping post of chaos, it grants one the comfort of being a victim. And I think there is some measure of comfort in being able to cast oneself against some nebulous “Other” who is responsible for ruining the world and your own life happens to be a byproduct of their evil scheming. Then you have a scapegoat to rave against and pin all your woes on. Is this a healthy comfort, or a mature one? Or a sane one? No. But I know a few people who do seem to get strength and succor from being a Truther, or believing in the Illumanti, or being convinced there’s mind control agents in our drinking fountains and that chemtrails are slowly poisoning us all. I don’t agree with them, but I think I understand what they’re getting out of it.

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