Gypsys, Tramps And Time Travelers (Where Is Now? Haiku #1)

If I could turn back
time, I would find a way
to destroy that Cher song.


Back in April at Space 55, Charlie Steak put on a show revolving around the theme “Where Is Now?”. The show mixed sketches and short plays with poetry, music and monkeys writing on typewriters. I made two contributions to the show: one was a short play called “Waiting For Nogo” (a piss-take on Beckett), the other was a set of haikus (read onstage by two actors) based on the show’s themes of living in the present while in the grips of future anxiety. So I’ll be posting them over the next couple of weeks (not all these haikus made it onstage for the show, but I’m fond of them anyway).

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