4 cents from Pessoa

Dusting this off from the Tumblr I originally posted it on, for 3 reasons: to remind myself to read more Pessoa; in the hopes that posting this may encourage other folks to look into the man’s work (because he is amazing); and to own up to my shameful, complicated love for”Dragonball Z”.

“4 cents from Pessoa”

1. “I don’t evolve, I TRAVEL”.

2. “Who can live in the narrowness of one single personality, one single nation, one single faith?”

3. “It is my wish to be a creator of myths, which is the highest mystery that any member of humanity may operate.“

4. “Who can live the sterile narrowness of Catholicism, when outside it are all the Protestantism, all the oriental creeds, all the dead and living paganisms, let us merge them into the Superior Paganism. Let us not allow a single god to be left outside ourselves! Let us absorb all gods!”

Fernando Pessoa

Shifting from high culture to low:

Absorb all gods? I like the sound of that! We can be like Cell from Dragonball Z, hovering up all the super-powered bad-ass deities’ powers!

Do your worst, Super-Saiyans. You’re no match for Perfect Pessoa and his heteronyms!

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