Welcome Diner Film Challenge #2: “You Can Eat It”

And here is the short I made with President McKinley Productions for the 2nd year of Welcome Diner’s 48 hour film challenge (this year’s challenge kicks off this Friday). I directed it (with the invaluable Kevin Patterson as A.D.), Glen Az did the cinematography, Dennis Frederick was on point with continuity and editing, Ron Foligno wrote the music for it and we had a great cast (Tommy Cannon, Michelle Cannon, Ernesto Moncada, Willa Eigo, Neil Gearns, Amy Ouzoonian and a horde of very patient and game extras) willing to give up their Saturday and eat more hot dogs than any human being who doesn’t do it for a living should ever have to. This one came together surprisingly quickly and painlessly*.

The “You Can Eat It” crew (clockwise from left: Glen, Yours Truly, Dennis, Tommy, Ron, Ernesto, Kevin)

*The only complication was our attempt to shoot our own version of “Rocky running up the stairs” outside a gym in Garfield. The owner, apparently a retired boxer of some renown who shall remain nameless, drove up and was most vexed about our filming on his property.

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