Welcome Diner 48 Hour Film Challenge #1: “Cacophony”

This Friday is Welcome Diner’s third annual 48 hour film challenge. I’ve participated in the last two events, first as an actor and then as a director, and both times I had a blast. It’s one of those events that embodies what I love most about Phoenix’s arts community: it’s loose, ramshackle and goofy, the kind of event where people aren’t afraid to go balls-out and look like fools. It kicks off on Friday, when the teams get their genre prompts and props (year 1 the prop was a Welcome Diner beer koozie; year 2 was a bag of the diner’s biscuits), and ends on Sunday after a weekend of frantic filming. I’m not sure if I’ll be doing it again this year (I’ve got family stuff going on all weekend), but worst case scenario I’ll be there in spirit. And to honor that spirit I’ll be posting the two challenge films I was involved with today and Thursday.

First up: “Cacophony”.

“Cacophony” was directed by Michael Gustie (with assistant direction from Kevin Patterson and production assistance by Lauren Karp). Kevin Flanagan was the gent in the morph suit, and I was his voice-over (I also played the hobo sitting on the sidewalk). We filmed this from 9am to 5pm, shooting all over downtown (at K.P.’s house, in the “whale-bones” next to Monorchid, inside Bodega 420 and all sorts of other Roosevelt Row locales), before driving over to Scottsdale for the final shots (where our morpher meets another one of his kind, played by the talented Willa Eigo). Took a few hours after that to record the voice-over (thanks to the sage guidance and direction of Mr. Patterson), and Gustie edited the thing up until the break of dawn. It was a crazy ambitious shoot, considering the limited time frame, but the final product was fun and definitely one of the weirder entries in that year’s challenge.

And is it just me, or does the opening breakfast scene have a “The Perfect Human” vibe?

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